The reason I choose to turn this into my first blog entry, is because of the sheer amount of hypocrites I know personally, and otherwise. I fail to understand why people actually maintain double standards. I don’t think a public services officer who is to abide by the laws that he has sworn to protect, just isn’t supposed to be doing the straight opposite of the little sign in his office that says “Do not give or take bribes.” There’s hypocrisy for you, people. Now the corruption at the political stage isn’t the only true example of this my friends. Let’s move on to pretence over a more, wider scale.

Example number 1:
I belong to a country where a majority of the population are Hindus. I myself was born a Hindu. I say ‘born’ Hindu, because it didn’t take me too long to turn atheist. Steering the discussion back to the topic, I always couldn’t help but ponder over the fact that, in spite of having thousands and thousands of temples built in honour of goddesses in all forms, in spite of worshipping these very female deities for wealth, knowledge and what not, the plight of women in our country well…sucks? Why is it that in many parts of this beautiful land of the Aryans, regardless of the fact that females are being worshipped, atrocities like female foeticide and the torture of the girl child still takes place? Why is it that they are denied their basic right to education and schooling? Why is it that they are expected to remain confined to their homes and to simply service the men? Why is it that they don’t have a say in important (or rather all) matters regarding the household? To me, this is the saddest example of hypocrisy I can point out. Although anyone who’d be reading this might not have seen all this for themselves, it is true for a good part of our nation, for many of our fellow brethren who’re still living in the dark ages.

Example number 2:
Now didn’t Aishwarya and Hrithik get the shock of their lives when they were subpoenaed by some glory seeking loser just because they kissed on screen? Before I saw Dhoom 2, I was pretty much curious to see that shot myself. Heck, if a scene can generate that kind of hullabaloo… it’s got to be something else! And there I was, holding on to my popcorn, my mouth wide open telling myself “WTF?That’s it?!?” All this fuss over something like that? That’s obscene, indecent and dangerous to the youth? You can’t be serious! Is this some kind of a joke? Another famous example of ‘shitty cases’ was when Richard Gere was summoned to an Indian court for going all over Shilpa Shetty at some event. I wonder how our honorary courts have the time to entertain cases like these when there are murders, rapes and what not happening every minute or two on in this land. Shouldn’t they be going medieval on people who actually come up with cases like this? The only way I see it is that our courts need a break from all these serious cases. Everyone needs to relax and chill out? Don’t you think? Maybe the guy who decides the next hearing says something like “Hey guys, enough of murders… lets have some fun! How about a stupid-shitty case like this where we get to be on TV? Should we pick the Richard Gere one, or the Aish one?” And meanwhile look at all the bedlam Mallika Sherawat and some other hotties in the industry brought about for showing off a bit too much skin and pulling off some bold roles.

Now can anyone please tell me why the f*** is it that this country, where sex is a four letter word, somehow, has the 2nd largest population in the world? Ironic isn’t it?

My country is full of hypocrites. The place is littered with them. Check out my college for instance. There’s this person who literally cried and begged a teacher to get her marks increased, and when it seemed that her efforts were in vain actually coaxed the teacher into cutting down a more deserving guy’s marks instead(the most deserving one in the batch, actually). The same person complains a few months later about teachers giving away marks on the basis of impression. How very interesting. And its funny when I’m being called a CC by some of the most letcherous and perverted oafs in existence.

Man, this sucks.

But wait, the fact that I am writing this should imply that I am not a hypocrite isn’t it?

Isn’t it……?