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Well... It's been ages since I've put up a post here. A whole semester to be precise. I wouldn't attribute it to a lack of things to write about. That most certainly is not the case. I could have written about my resolutions (not for the weak hearted) or the golden night/freshers we gave our juniors. I could have even written about the new meaning to the phrase 'looking for *insert name here*' which I learnt on my birthday. I could have even written about our awesome road to clinching the 3rd place in the IMS Quotient quiz: Jaipur finals. That was an awesome experience and I thank my team mates Kanjan and Abhinav Kumar for the same. Am I done yet? No ways. Then came along a decent performance (after a long long long LONG time) by me in the 1st mid terms. But that spree didn't last long because I couldnt have got owned worse in the second MT or the end terms itself. I guess I'm halfway through to being an engineer now unless one of my teachers decides to leave me a 'you-can-rot-here-extra-time-during-the-summers' present. Moving on, I had a lot of fun interacting with the team from NIT-Trichy who'd come to our college as part of a project called NIT-Connect. The idea for the project was simple, but it's kind of surprising when you think WHY no one every thought of it before. It's nothing more than a mere webpage which serves as a common platform to all NIT's where each institution can put up news, photos and videos and interact with students and faculty from their sister institutions. The sad part was, they only wanted users from our side and not developers. And furthermore, their source code wasn't open. Kix kind of owned them when they mentioned that. Cheers man!

I guess I never blogged through all these months because I never had the time to do so. I don't know how, but I NEVER had any free time. This inspite of the fact that I cut down on gaming, hanging out with friends and a whole lot of other things. Perhaps, I was turning into a social outcast but fortunately, a certain lucky charm came along and I kind of snapped out of the blindness I was in. Thanks for everything Kay!

And how can I not write about the IIT-Roorkee trip? Although Cognizance wasn't even half as good as last year, it certainly came with its own moments. Of all the times they could get their project evaluations to get scheduled, the final years had to get their projects evaluated during the Chaos weekend. And hence, both our Dota teams got dissolved. Since I was planning to go for NFS:MW as well, Sat joined GaP and hence, my clan GoD, which is yet to be defeated, couldn't go to Roorkee. But unluckily for Sat, GaP got eliminated in the second round itself. Maybe they over estimated their opponents, we don't know. On the other side of the Chaos arena, I was having an awesome time with NFS:MW. I felt intimidated by some of the other participants, including a bunch who were last year's winner, runner-up and semi finalist, who carried around a little book in which they'd jotted down the best performance tunes for the Lotus Elise, the pro's choice. I'd never even tuned a car till date. But throught the tourney, I learned and made my way up the ladder. And the greatest moment of satisfaction for me, came when I was told that my games are being tracked and that I'm a seeded player! Talk about beginner's luck.


Beginner's luck my ass. I simply owned the competition. I ripped apart player after player. I'll even take some time to tell ya'll how awesome my competitive rounds were (rounds 4 and above). Round four was against a guy who insisted he played with his Xbox controller and be given headphones by the organizers. Ok, I can understand he needs his controller, but the headphones? When the organizer asked him how it's going to matter, he went on to say something about getting into the mood (???). They could only salvage one pair of headphones but when the race began, I simply left him trailing in my dust. Wonder if he got into the mood then. My split times were somewhere around 20 secs! (which means, if I stopped where I was, and he continued at his current speed, he'd take 20 seconds to reach me). In a racing game, thats comparable to the time we all took to evolve from apes. The 5th round was similar with my opponent telling me how he's got better scores in Bay Bridge than the defending champion himself. Just before the race started, he did act kind of humble though. He told me that he's a fairly decent player and he can give me a good fight. Oh well, it didn't take me too long to beat him either. I could have called it a good fight IF I'd seen him on my screen for at least 2 seconds. But alas, he wasn't even on my minimap.



Then came the 6th round where I got owned by last year's runner up. Not too much to say here. N20 was disabled for the semi finals and I've never raced without that, so my strategy was ruined and hence...

Anyways, being in the top 4 ain't that bad is it?

On my return, followed a series of events which include a little chat conversation with Kay on the 1st of April, a little message from her on the 11th and finally another chat conversation on the 18th and guess what? We're going out... :p (I assure you the process was as boring and simple as I made it sound back there).

And that, was the cherry on top for my awesome semester.

I guess all good things must come to an end. So here I am, back to the server room, building up my Debian from scratch. Maybe I'll be a bit more regular with the posts now that I'll be spending the summer here working on the Campus Wide Network. In these two months, I'll be learning all the technicalities about networking while I go about setting up a DMZ for the CWN, and making high availability clusters for all our services. I've already made a cluster for the Netmon service of ours which seems to be doing fairly well. Anyways, I guess I'll start posting technical updates from now on.

Anyways, the summer heat wave awaits. Do wish me luck people.

So adios for now. Guess I'll go dig into the awesome mess food that awaits me. I'm sure you're all jealous. Suckers...