At 9.30 AM in the New Junior Lecture Hall of MNIT Jaipur, Fotia kicked off to a start. Ajay Ahuja, General Manager (Systems Engineering), Sun Microsystems talked about OpenSolaris and it's awesome features, using quite an interesting flash based demo. I followed up with a talk on my favourite project, Open HA Cluster.:) But sadly enough, Murphy decided to make things difficult and halfway through my talk the power went off in the whole institute! But I managed to keep the crowd occupied by asking students to come forward and give lightning talks on open source technologies that they've worked on. We gave away OpenSolaris t-shirts to these students and all those who were able to answer questions that followed Ajay's talk. We then conducted the much awaited FOSS quiz, and after a tie breaker for the first prize, we gave away an iPOD Shuffle to Himanshu Agarwal from Jaipur. Two second prizes (4GB pen drives) and three third prizes (Frontec headphones) were given away as well. All our participants received OpenSolaris and Netbeans DVDs, pens, keychains and participation certificates. Thanks to all the attendees and the organisers who made it all possible!