The title gives you a prelude as to what I've been putting a sincere effort into; to just forget all the let downs I've come across throughout this month. From my failure to get selected for the Google Summer of Code, to missing out on a trip to San Francisco, topped off with the end of a one and a half year long shit festival and a lot lot more, April 2009 is something I'd really like to put behind me. Anyways, I barely scraped through four exams, and I still have two left but all I can think of right now is about making my retreat to Bangalore on the 2nd of May, where I know I can take my well deserved vacation. I'm looking forward to meeting my family and the newest addition to it (my baby nephew Advaith), a trip to Mysore with a few friends of mine and a visit to the Sun IEC so as to catch up with some of the Sun engineers and folks from the CA community.

Once I get back to Jaipur, I'll be focusing entirely on a single project for the first time in my life as a geek. As of now, I remain entirely drowned in a sea of disappointments when it comes to my capabilities but that's only made me a little more curious as to where my 100% lies.

So once this mental hibernation of mine ends, I'll be bringing out my reborn self, Lalith-2.0-r0 (release date 13/05/2009). Let's see if I can pull this off for real. :)