• Google Summer of Code 2010!

    I've finally been selected for the Google Summer of Code programme! My proposal is named "NS-3 Click Modular Router Integration" and the mentoring organization is Network Simulator 3. I'm being mentored by Ruben Merz. :) I've also prepared a presentation on the same. Stay tuned here to follow posts on ns-3-click development!
  • Euro Trip!

    A few days ago, I lived a part of my life which I like to call Happiness. Yes, I was finally accepted into the European Masters in Distributed Computing programme and that too with a Category A Erasmus Mundus scholarship. This programme is being offered by the consortium of universities formed by Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden; Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona. My study track involves being in IST, Portugal for the first year; KTH, Sweden during my 3rd semester and finally having my Master's Thesis evaluated from IST, Portugal. Furthermore, my good friend Navaneeth has been offered the same course _and_ the same study track as well, to the relief of our parents. :) So here's how the python list of my life looks like: life.journey = ['Tehran, Iran', 'Calicut, India', 'Doha, Qatar', 'Palakkad, Kerala', 'Jaipur, India'] life.journey.append ('Lisbon, Portugal') life.journey.append ('Stockholm, Sweden') Guess it's time for a Euro trip then eh? :)
  • OLSR HNA support for ns-3

    OLSR HNA support is officially up on ns-3-dev. If you don't wish to pull the latest ns-3-dev snapshot, feel free to apply the following two patches to your source tree: 1) HNA support, mixed interfaces support and helper improvement for OLSR. (Patch) 2) MID fix for mixed interface integration. (Patch) Once you've applied the patches, you may check out examples/routing/olsr-hna.cc which illustrates how to use the HNA API.
  • And that's how it is!

    The last few weeks have been full of surprises! My research team got a poster accepted at "Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) 2010", which is quite a prestigious international conference. The poster covers our recent work in speeding up Logic Simulation of digital circuits using General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs). Although the work is still in progress, it presents some of our (promising) initial results as we explored novel approaches to simulating circuits on a GPGPU. This of course, came as a surprise to all of us because we weren't sure if our work was good enough for a conference like DATE! But oh well. :) Meanwhile, something that really hit me hard was when another one of my papers didn't get accepted into an IEEE sponsored conference. In the paper, I'd proposed a simple, straightforward and highly resource efficient countermeasure to the Collusion Attack against OLSR based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. The simulation results (ns-3 FTW) were promising as well. What made me feel worse was that none of the reviewers rejected the paper! The paper got ratings of 5/5, 4/5 and 3/5 from each reviewer respectively, but citing some weird reasons, the paper was ultimately not accepted. And sadly, none of the reviewers gave any useful comments as well, two of them _completely_ missing the entire point behind the paper! Maybe that's how research works. Not everyone gets what you're doing, and not everyone's equally convinced about the same piece of work. Something you strongly claim might be turned down by others from the community. Similarly, something that you do may impress others more than yourself. Fun isn't it? :) There are a few more surprises but that's as much as I'd like to talk about here. :) Meanwhile, it's still unclear what I'll be doing for the next one year. Until last week, I was worrying myself to the last nerve, since I'm barely two months away from graduation. Strangely enough, I'm convinced that something good will come up for me soon. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe even a day after I graduate. And no, I don't remember any accident that could have rewired my brain cells to make me this optimistic. It just happened I guess! With many lessons learnt, and many habits un-learnt, seems like I've changed quite a bit over the past one month. Oh well, I'd rather be a flowing river than a puddle of stagnant water. After all, it's the latter that attracts the mosquitoes. Right? :)
  • * Squish *

    Another one of my patches was committed into ns-3-dev today (Bug 788). This was just a small bug which I'd stumbled upon while working on fixing Bug 407, which is to add HNA support to ns-3's OLSR implementation. This is slightly more tricky than it seems, purely attributed to the fact that RFC 3626 does not talk about storing Netmasks in the routing table. Hence, it's upto the implementation to work around this flaw. Anyhow, I should be completing this sooner or later. In other news, I finally laid my hands on the devil because of whom I had to cancel my GRE and TOEFL, along with my plans to apply for Fall '10 MS courses at foreign universities, thus leaving me lost for a whole year! Yes, I'm talking about my damn passport which had to be re-issued because of some mistakes I never knew about. Oh well, I guess every dark cloud should have a silver lining. Right?