I was in the process of getting transcripts issued for a senior of mine, so after getting all the necessary photocopies made, I made my way into the Dean of Student Affairs' Office, which MNITians lovingly (not!) refer to as 'dosa'. The folks in that office are well known for playing ball with you. While that would be fun under normal circumstances, it isn't quite that way when 'you' are the ball as is the case here. No one there really has a clue of what he/she has to be doing, so if you ask one person, "Sir, I want <insert requirement here>", he'll calmly point towards some chair behind some other desk. I say chair here because that's what you see; there's usually no one occupying it. I have a feeling that that's part of their plan. Leave an empty chair behind a desk and when you don't know what the student's asking you or you're not interested or simply because the sky's blue, just point towards the empty chair. That's like the 'default' case in a select-case block. Only thing is, the actual cases are useless code, written poorly and no input will ever reach those branches of code. The game ends when the ball leaves the office in a spite of frustration, after visiting all the desks.

Anyhow, I got rather lucky that day and my request got a HIT in the first try. Since I was getting eight sets of transcripts, each with nine sheets, the guy proceeds to write the following calculation for the amount I was to pay on the request letter:

9 x 100           = 900

8 x 9 = 63 * 2 = 126

Total = 1026

Guess I don't even need to explain this.