My broad area of research is distributed systems and networking. At VMware Research, I’m leading efforts to simplify cluster management for large-scale distributed systems.

I’m always on the lookout for motivated PhD students to work with. Reach out to me by email (suresh dot lalith at gmail) if you’re interested in an internship.


I’ve worked with some fantastic interns at VMware Research:

  • João Loff (IST - Lisbon)
  • Muhammad Shahbaz (Princeton University)
  • Michael Tong (University of Chicago)

Selected projects

Most of my projects are open-source and available on my Github page.

  • Rapid: consistent and stable membership at scale
    Rapid is a scalable, distributed membership service that (1) avoids flip-flops in the membership view even during complex failure scenarios (e.g., asymmetric reachability problems and high packet loss), and (2) presents all participating processes a strongly consistent view of the membership.
    [ATC ‘18 paper] [Preprint] [code] [blog]

  • Wisp: end-to-end rate limiting and request scheduling for micro-services
    Wisp brings decentralized, end-to-end resource management to multi-tenant distributed systems architected as service-oriented architectures (SOA) or micro-services.
    [SoCC ‘17 paper]

  • C3: adaptive replica selection for cloud data stores
    C3 is an adaptive replica selection algorithm for distributed data stores to deal with performance variability among replicas. It currently ships with ElasticSearch, and has influenced the design of Spotify’s Expected Latency Selector.
    [NSDI ‘15 paper] [code]

  • Odin: software-defined enterprise WiFi Networks
    Odin brings the benefits of SDN to enterprise WLANs. With Odin, WLAN services such as mobility managers and load balancers can be expressed with as little as 40 lines of Java. The project has seen many forks by researchers (a notable effort being the Wi-5 project).
    [ATC ‘14 paper] [HotSDN ‘12 paper] [code]

Selected Publications

A full list of my publications can be seen on my Google Scholar page