The Setup Interviews is an interesting website which features interviews with professionals from different fields about the hardware/software they use on a daily basis. The interviews conclude with the interviewees being asked what their dream setup is. While most people tend to answer this question with some set of gizmos they’d like to own, I feel Matt Might got it right in his answer:

When I was young, I dreamed about building a “nerd cave” full of fast hardware, big monitors, sleek software and cool gadgets. I see now that technology can only nip at the margins of happiness, creativity and productivity relative to the effect of having sharp colleagues, good friends and close family nearby. I have many sharp colleagues that double as good friends. And, there’s an outside chance that in the next two or three years both of my brothers and all three of my sisters-in-law (each of whom is like an actual sister to me) will have joined me and my wife in Utah. I hope it happens. That’s my dream setup.