I’ve had a couple of paper deadlines in the last few months, all of which were not-so-conveniently placed a couple of hours apart from each other. While the month leading up to it was insanely stressful, I managed to push out most of what I had in the pipeline and don’t have any more paper deadlines to worry about for a few months.

I’m now doing the usual post-submission-mental-detox to clear up my head, where I’ve been taking it easy at work and catching up on life in general. I’ve been completing some pending reviews, preparing an undergraduate course for the upcoming semester, and rabidly catching up on lost gaming time. I’m also going on holiday to Argentina in a week, an opportunity to completely disconnect from work all together.

This freedom to manage my time the way that suits me best is what I enjoy the most about doing a PhD. I can be working insanely hard in the weeks leading up to a deadline to push out a paper, and then slow down for a while to to clear up again.

Now back to exploring dungeons in Skyrim.