Holding a glass of champagne in my hand, I watched as the night sky above me resonated with fireworks at the Palace Square in Lisbon, and with that, I had just stepped into 2011. I'm surprised at how much I've been able to do over the year and on how much of an improvement it is over 2009. 2010 felt like it was full of learning, good news and had quite a positive air around it. With the last of my semester projects submitted, and a very rejuvenating trip to Porto, it feels like I'm walking into the new year afresh. Once my semester exams end on the 15th, I can hopefully find some time to work on getting ns-3-click merged for ns-3.11 and get back to working on Mia Vita with INESC-ID, both of which get the top spot in my immediate plans for the coming weeks. Beyond that, I need to prepare for the epic battle in the form of PhD applications. I can also sense a lot of travelling ahead in the coming semester, something I'm always ready for. In short, 2011 looks like it's going to be full of work, travel, and fun. Can't be more perfect than this. :)